Welcome to Lauric Enterprises

Lauric Enterprises, Inc. edits, critiques and publishes books, edits and creates ads, edits webpages, writes marketing material and more.  We also produce videos and DVDs and create marketing web pages for individuals and businesses worldwide. Our objective is to fit the production and promotional style to the individual needs of the client, and to help them meet their business and creative objectives.  We do our best to deliver all our clients want, and nothing they don’t, for an affordable price and on time.

Many of our books go on to win awards in their respective genres.  Our DVD titles are sold worldwide, and many of our creators have become household names in their respective fields. So tell us how we can help you!

Lauric Divisions

Lauric Enterprises has the following divisions and specialties:

  • Lauric Press – Books / Web Pages – Lauric Press specializes in publishing books for people who have the potential to make significant contributions in their respective genres.  Contact us about editing, critiquing, providing layout services or publishing your book.
  • Traditional Royalty Publishing – Lauric accepts a select number of books for publication each year and pays royalties on those books.    Once your book is accepted, Lauric prints it in paperback or hardcover and distributes it in these format as well as on Kindle where applicable.
  • We Prep Your Work for Publication / You Retain Your Rights and Publish However You Like – Lauric also provides a la carte services for your book.  That means that we can edit, critique, layout and get the book ready for your publisher or for you to self-publish, then return the files to you for publication at the point you specify in the publication process.  We can also create the electronic files for you to publish your book on Kindle and guide you through the process. 

In addition to publishing, Lauric also does the following:

  • High Home Films – Video Production  – Are you an expert in your field?  Need training videos about you and your work so you can pass on what you know to others?  High Home Films handles video production and distribution both in DVD format and copy-protected download format. 
  • Force Necessary – Self-Defense Training  – World class self-defense training at an affordable price.  Force Necessary through W. Hock Hochheim provides training in eight allied countries; or train via book and video for knowledge or to prepare to test for certification in any of our numerous courses.

How to get started:

Email your inquiries to Jane at the email address listed below.  Provide a brief (3 paragraph) overview of your project along with your objectives, and we will get back with you to let you know if your project is a good fit for our services.  If it is, we’ll provide you with a list of what we’ll need to complete the work, quotes and a timeline. It’s that simple.

Email questions to: Jane@LauricEnterprises.com