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About Lauric Enterprises, Inc.

Editing and Printing Services

Lauric Enterprises, Inc. is a Texas based company incorporated in 1996 that provides services in numerous creative areas of writing, editing, video production, and publishing.  These areas include articles, ads, webpages, and more.  We do book critiques, editing, proofing, design, publishing, production, and distribution in hardcover, paperback, epub, and Mobi. 

Video Production

Lauric does videography, video editing, video design, production and distribution.

Lauric book and video titles include the following genres: archeology, gardening, lifestyle, martial arts, mediation, men’s action adventure, self-defense, western, and more.

About our Owner

Lauric is owned by Margaret “Jane” Eden.  Jane graduated magna cum laude from Texas Woman’s University. Following graduation, she wrote for numerous mainstream magazines including Aspire, Woman’s Day, and Woman’s World.  Jane served as editor, then editor-in-chief at the University of North Texas office of public affairs overseeing the printing and production of multiple magazines and all promotional material. She taught creative writing at The University of North Texas and Collin County Community College in Texas before the company Close Quarter Combat Magazine in 2000. The magazine ran for 5 years and was sold in bookstores and by subscription in 26 countries. The magazine production soon expanded into book and video production. Many of the book titles produced by Lauric have gone on to win various awards in their respective genres.  Jane served for 5 years as editorial services manager for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and continues to consult as a technical writer and editor in her free time.

Lauric follows an a la carte method of cost per service.  

For a quote, contact: Jane@LauricEnterprises.com.

Lauric is the parent company of:

Lauric Press

High Home Films

Force Necessary

For more information about Lauric, email: Jane@LauricEnterprises.com